3 days of immersive, collaborative and creative self and group learning in some of the coolest, most inspiring cities.

The reality about leadership is that there’s no “one size fits all” definition. Our workshops are about defining leadership on your own terms.

We currently offer our programmes online, but in 2021 we will take you to the coolest international cities and venues – places that are just a little bit different and special, perfect for coaxing you out of your inner comfort zone towards new opportunities. RTLW workshops are comprehensive contemporary and relevant but they aren’t just a knowledge space, they are a head and heart space. We don’t simply talk at you, but delve deep in conversation, together.

Whether you’re looking for becoming a RTLW facilitator or you just want to participate in our Foundation programme, our Workshop Experiences go beyond the simple idea of a group workshop, offering an experience that will definitely be remembered.

What will I learn?

Combining individualized assessment, action planning and group interaction, our workshops fast-track the benefits of the “Revealing the Leader Within” experience. Over 3 days you will be guided through five different modules as a part of our 5Cs process. You’ll learn the core attitudes, behaviours and skills necessary for all leaders, irrespective of their position, industry or experience. You’ll cover areas such as Authenticity, Coaching, Delegation, Empathy, Feedback, Gratitude, Health, Innovation, Mentoring, Presentations and more.

What’s more you’ll examine some of the latest leadership issues and trends including the challenges of leading in Covid-19 times, issues of diversity and inclusion, dealing with environmental concerns as well how to manage millennials and gen Z.

How will I learn?

We put you at the centre of the learning journey. That means a participant-oriented experiential workshop where the facilitator coaches you through the process in a relaxed and fun manner. The emphasis is put on talking with, not talking at. You’ll actively practice the skills of leadership and you will be expected to share and explore as a group. You’ll be introduced to a powerful 5 C’s process of Consolidation, Calibration, Collaboration, Creation and Contemplation – and learn how to integrate them into your self and team leadership.

What’s included? 

In addition to 3 days of fun, networking, and growth, you’ll receive lunch and coffee breaks, the online leadership assessment, a hard copy of the “Revealing the Leader Within” book,and a self-coaching guide.

More importantly, you’ll take away a model and life system that you can apply straight away.

Type: In-person, fully facilitated

Open registration OR private corporate workshops (please inquire)

Time commitment: 3 days + travel

Upcoming Workshops

RTLW Foundation

Bucharest - May/June 2021

Constantly redefining itself as a city, Bucharest merges a vast history with a modern identity. What better place to explore yourself as a leader?

Investment: 2000 euro + travel and accommodation

RTLW Practitioner Coach & Facilitator

Barcelona – September 2021

Music, food, architecture.The way of life in Barcelona is sure to stir your senses and help inspire participants to look within and follow their own lead. 

Investment: 2500 euro + travel and accommodation

RTLW Master Coach & Facilitator

Dubai – December 2021

The world’s most cosmopolitan city, Dubai is a major international hub and the perfect backdrop for up-and-coming leaders.

Investment: 3000 euro + travel and accommodation

Other workshops coming up in Berlin, New York and London Join us. Apply now.