Foundation Course

A one on one or group coaching with an experienced mentor.

RTLW Foundation

Our Revealing the Leader Within Foundation programme is a great option if you are looking to have an experienced mentor on your side while embarking on your leadership journey.

If you are an individual learner, the benefits of a one on one approach are that you have an experienced coach who can personally lead you through the process, while keeping you accountable to yourself and your growth. They will uncover the exact direction and steps needed for you to challenge any limiting beliefs, develop your full potential, and even realize your wildest dreams.

If however you prefer learning in a group, we’ve got you covered as well! Together with other participants, in groups of 4, up to 8 people, you will be sharing the experience of revealing your Leader, benefiting at the same time of valuable group interactions that can develop you even further. All while your shared mentor coaches you as a group, challenging your individual and group beliefs and helping you reach your potential.

And starting with 2021, we will also offer face to face group workshops for the Foundation programme.

Hours of study: 12h (+ self study)

One on one: 30 euro assessment + 500 euro/ hour

Part of a group: 1500 euro

Structure: 6 modules x 2h, recommended 1 module/week

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