Become a Facilitator

With this programme, participants actually learn the process and techniques that we use in our own workshops and coaching.

If you are a coach, trainer or someone who is passionate about getting the best out of others, then our RTLW Practitioner Certification programmes could be for you. With these participants learn the actual 5 C process and techniques that we use in our workshops and coaching to reveal the leader within others.

We are looking for committed and forward thinking people who want to run their own programmes independently or within a corporation.

As a part of this training, you’ll have an opportunity to share and learn with fellow professionals and be one of a growing community of certified facilitators who are licensed to deliver the RTLW programme globally. And of course, all of the tools will be provided to you – the Online Leadership Assessment, the “Revealing the Leader Within” e-book and the self-coaching guide, as well as practice materials and activities.

For more senior and experienced participants who wish to become global Master Certified Practitioners then an online conversation and interview is required before enrolling. This master certification will allow you to certify others in the RTLW process and programme globally online as well as running face to face certifications and workshops. You will also become an official “reseller” of materials and assessments to those who you certify.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation both the practitioner and master practitioner programmes are run online but in 2021 we will offer face to face group facilitation certifications.

Download the Certification brochure

Global Certified Practitioner

delivered online

Time commitment: 16 hours including self-study

Cost: 1400 Euros

Global Master Certified Practitioner

delivered online

Time Commitment: between 16 and 36 hours (depending on experience)

Cost: 3000 Euros

From 2021 face to face Group workshops

2000 Euros per person for Certified Practitioner

3500 Euros for Master Certified Practitioner.

Become a RTLW Facilitator