What we offer

Like you, our the RTLW programme is unique and customized. Following are a number of options we offer for supporting you on your leadership journey. From virtual one-on-one coaching to facilitated workshops internationally, you choose what suits best.

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Self-Guided Journey
For the reflective and aware self-starter who works well independently and is able to hold themselves accountable to the work.
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Foundation Course
A one on one or group coaching with an experienced mentor.
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Become a Facilitator
With this programme, participants actually learn the process and techniques that we use in our own workshops and coaching.
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3 days of immersive, collaborative and creative self and group learning in some of the coolest, most inspiring cities.
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In-company Programmes
Help your colleagues reveal their leader within with a RTLW programme that comes to you.
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Not sure how to reveal your leader within?

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