Online Leadership Assessment

About the 5 C's


Often when we think of consolidation we assume it comes at the end of something. This is not the case when we are revealing the leader within. We need to be able to consolidate at the start of our journey as well as at the end. We need to be clear, concise and consolidate our vision, purpose, strategy, values and behaviors so that, with our road map in front of us, we can build our action plans and measures of success.


As leaders we are always ‘taking the pulse’ and measuring progress. Calibration is what we are all about and we love getting and giving feedback on what can make us better, stronger or wiser. We actively engage in daily feedback conversations as much as possible. That way, we stay on track.


Leadership starts with ‘me’ but the focus is on others, your relationship with them and their relationships with each other. At our leadership core is the desire to share, build teams and grow together. Collaboration in all its forms is a guiding principle and process that drives us forward. Talking with – not talking at – is how we roll.


We encourage creativity in thinking and acting not only in ourselves but in others too. We get inspired by being around those who innovate, step outside their comfort zone and challenge the status quo. We question together and find solutions together. We create spaces were creativity thrives, ideas are generated, and people are empowered. Creativity is our drug of choice.


Focused thinking and reflection is essential for success, health and happiness. Too often we are so caught up in the day to day stresses that we end up neglecting ourselves. Taking time out to ‘breathe’, develop perspective and reconnect with ourselves is vital on our journey. Contemplation helps develop the frame of mind conducive to making considered, well thought-out decisions and actions.