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The Revealing the Leader Within movement is a community of leaders, coaches, trainers and change-makers all committed to having a meaningful impact on leadership culture globally.

Meet the Author | The 5 Cs

Revealing the Leader Within – what is it?

Revealing the Leader Within is the latest customized ,contemporary and comprehensive leadership development programme on the market today.

Its Customized for you by you with content being developed as you learn before and during the process.

It’s Comprehensive as it is the A-Z of complete knowing, doing and being of self and team leadership.

It’s Contemporary as it covers not only the core and essential leadership elements  but also the latest thinking and challenges including leading in post-covid times, managing millennials and Generation Z, diversity, gender  and inclusion as well as environmental issues.

Who is it for? What topics does it cover?

Revealing the Leader Within is for anyone in any industry from talent to top team.

The topics and content are customized for you and by you during our leadership audit conversations at the start and during the programme. All the core elements of leadership development are covered along with many of the latest trends also. This is leadership for the new changing and uncertain world. It’s authentic leadership that is personal and professional – 24 hours a day with your friends, your family and your colleagues – both at home and work.

How does it work? What’s the methodology?

It works because it puts the learner at the centre of the process making them accountable and helping them decide what works best for them. We call this participant-centred learning.

We talk with you, not at you, meaning a coaching and mentoring type approach with questions, feedback and storytelling as a foundation for your development.

You’ll customize your learning based upon what we call the 5C process, you’ll consolidate your ideas, you’ll calibrate and get feedback, you’ll create winning ideas, you’ll take time out to contemplate and you’ll collaborate better.

It’s a methodology based upon experiential learning techniques – it’s powerful and it works.

How was Revealing the Leader Within developed? What’s the research behind it ?

The Revealing the Leader Within programme was developed based upon ongoing informal leadership conversations and qualitative research with more than 2000 leaders in various industries and countries up until mid-2020. We asked the question: What makes you and your team healthy, happy and successful?

The answers were varied and multi-faceted, but we managed to distill their responses into 5 main areas: Consolidation, Calibration, Collaboration, Creation and Contemplation. These 5 areas make up The Revealing the Leader Within the learning process. We further developed the 5C’s into 50 self and team development areas which form the basis of the Revealing the Leader Within assessment as well as 26 A-Z attitudes, behaviours and skills that are covered in the Revealing the Leader Within book and programme.

Revealing the leader within is the science of leadership success in an practical and applicable nutshell.

What materials are included?

•  Every learning experience includes a set of course notes incorporating the 5C process and activities. This is how a framework with relevant content and customized material is developed during the before, during and after process.

• A Revealing the Leader Within assessment. This Self and Team questionnaire is a self-awareness road map for your leadership journey and a foundation for your coaching and learning.

• A Coaching Guide – this is based on our unique GATE coaching model and contains one hundred powerful self-reflection questions.

• A set of home learning and self-reflection activities and exercises.

Why should I choose this over other programmes?

If you are someone who believes in the principle “following less and leading more”, then Revealing the Leader Within could be for you. In short, we put you in the centre of your learning, deciding what works best for you and your teams.

Other programmes ask you to “follow a model”, or use outdated or ill-fitting concepts. This is learning designed for you by you. 

Even if you have done limited leadership development, or if you’ve done lots, there will be something in the programme that can be developed. Indeed, whilst certain programmes focus on  certain styles, elements or “situations” of leadership, Revealing the Leader Within covers all you’ll ever need to know and more because you decide what you need and we’ll develop content with you.

How can I become a certified Revealing the Leader Within coach/facilitator?

If you want to deliver online or face to face programmes within your organization, or if you are part of a training organization delivering to your client, there are two certification options available online and face to face.

1) Certified Practitioner – after certifying you will be able to deliver online or face to face coaching and workshops using the Revealing the Leader Within 5 C process and assessment globally.

2) Master Practitioner and Distributor – the master practitioner is for more senior coaches/ trainers. On completion of the master certification you will be able to certify others, as well as deliver online and face to face coaching and workshops globally using the 5C process and assessment. You will also become the “go-to” reseller of Revealing the Leader Within materials and assessments for those you certify.

Author and Creator:

Oliver Perkins

Oliver Perkins has spent his entire career researching the science of influence, motivation and leadership.

Growing up in 1970s in conflict-riven Belfast, in an epoch of punk rock anarchy, industrial action, and supersonic flights has moulded him as an original thinker with a bit of a maverick streak. He is an accomplished facilitator and coach with an extensive, global client list. He travels the world delivering workshops on a range of leadership and team development areas.

Oliver’s innovative, off-the-wall yet coherent approach has been instrumental in changing and growing the leadership culture in diverse business sectors. The “Revealing the Leader Within” book and leadership coaching programme is an expression of this work in an easy to implement and accessible format.

Oliver has a degree in Sociology and Social policy from the University of Durham. When not working he loves to read (except anything by Simon Sinek and Tony Robbins!), travel anywhere ( but not on a bike!) and listen to music (anything but Celine Dion or Ed Sheeran!). You’ll like him!

Oliver Perkins
The 5 Cs

The 5 Cs

Our leadership coaching programme is based on we call the “5Cs”.
This pioneering process is designed to make revealing the leader within easy.

When you start to reveal the leader within we will be there to guide you, point you in the right direction and walk you through the process.


With all of our programme offerings you’ll…


  • be able to consolidate your unique leadership story, purpose and vision.
  • have opportunities to calibrate and get feedback on your strengths and growth areas.
  • create winning leadership ideas and innovative strategies that add real value to your life.
  • learn what it means to collaborate at every stage of your journey.
  • have time to contemplate and think about what you want and why you really want to lead.


Leadership for you, by you.

The 5 Cs